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BMM One2One Europe Webinar

BMM One2One European Regulatory Update

Day 1: Pan-European Regulatory Reporting Standard for Online Gaming

Moderator: Marzia Turrini – EVP Europe & South America, BMM Testlabs
Speaker: Mark Pace – Managing Director, IGSA Europe

In April 2018 the European Commission, following a study conducted by the Expert Group on Gambling and in line with the group’s recommendation, issued a mandate for the creation of a “European standard for reporting in support of supervision of online gambling services”. The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) agreed to develop a standard that will assist regulatory authorities with oversight for online gambling whilst facilitating the flow of information between regulatory authorities, operators and the suppliers. To enable it to achieve this objective, CEN established Technical Committee 456 (TC/456) to create the draft standard. This webinar will discuss the progress made in developing this standard over the past year and how this standard can provide value to the various online gambling constituencies.

Day 2: Responsible Game Design

Moderator: Deion Williams – Director, Technical Compliance EUROSAM, BMM Testlabs
Panelists: Jacob Klitgaard – Chief Advisor, Betting, Online Casino & Market Analysis, Danish Gambling Authority
Jemal Sudra – Product Compliance Manager, Play’n GO

Online games such as slots can often captivate players with their colourful and flashy graphics, catchy music and immersive features, but are there aspects of game design that could be seen to blur the lines of responsible gaming? This webinar will be aimed at considering best practices in the areas such bonus buys/ feature drops; the growth in skill-based arcade games and bonus features; and regulating spin times and other methods of delay.

Day 3: Video game loot boxes: Another form of gambling?

Moderator: Andre Wilsenach – SVP Government Relations, BMM Testlabs
Panelists: Dr. Simon Planzer – Partner, Planzer Law, Switzerland
Philippe Vlaemminck – Partner, Pharumlegal, Brussels

Governments in Europe and around the world are increasingly expressing concerns about loot boxes, which is quickly becoming a standard feature in many video games today. This is often in response to concerns expressed by parents about loot boxes which forces governments to examine and understand the possible harm these features can cause. When a player purchases a loot box, they often only find out what is inside it only once they’ve paid. There is often no skill attached to the loot box feature. It may contain a digital prize that’s valuable in the game, but equally it may contain nothing useful at all. This session will consider the most pressing public policy concerns; public policies aimed at addressing these concerns; the effectiveness of existing public policies; and which authorities are best suited and competent to address these concerns.