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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce that Jean Corriveau, CTFL, PMP, Director of Operations BMM Testlabs – Canada, has been appointed to the Board of Venn. Venn, a New Brunswick based organization, helps tech companies in the region grow and attract new staff.

Douglas Robertson, President & CEO of Venn commented, “At Venn, we provide our members with access to information, support, and the connections needed to get to market. BMM’s choice to locate their Center of Excellence in Moncton is a huge step forward for our community and we are very pleased to have BMM join our board of Directors. We look forward to working closely with BMM Testlabs and their staff during this incredible period of growth.”

Corriveau added , “It is an honor to be appointed to the Venn Board of Directors. As we continue to build BMM Testlabs in Canada we will be employing many technical staff and test engineers, Venn’s assistance in our expansion program will be invaluable. Additionally BMM hopes to be able to provide mentoring and assistance to the many other tech companies that will, no doubt, choose to make Moncton, NB their home.”