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BMM Testlabs is pleased to be celebrating another successful year in Australia, in the run up to AGE – the Australasian Gaming Expo.

With unprecedented technology innovation in 2015, along with regulatory changes in various gaming markets, BMM continues to play a significant role in the Australian gaming industry, providing independent product testing services to all the major gaming manufacturers; state and venue monitoring and system operators; wagering operators and online platform and game developers.

Kirk White, Executive Vice President & General Manager, BMM International commented, “The Australian gaming market is growing more sophisticated every year as it delivers greater innovation in gaming product design and changes to address social and community commitments. With the increasing complexity of products being released into the market, BMM’s customers are seeing increased value, as the quality of our testing lowers their overall product revocation risk.”

White adds “BMM is providing an additional quality level across our offices globally by ensuring our highly skilled and experienced testing engineers qualify to ISTQB standards. This falls in line with BMM Australia’s ISTQB Gold Level partnership.”

White concludes, “BMM’s progressive evolution of testing methodologies, skills and competencies will continue to meet the increasing requirements of customers and regulators throughout Australia, as we have for the last 30+ years. We look forward to continued growth by maintaining the highest level of independent quality testing in the region, and around the world.”