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Computer Scientist/Mathematician – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date Posted: Jul 28, 2021
Job Description:

Primary Objective

Under the direct supervision of a Service Delivery Group Manger, a Computer Scientist is responsible for the testing and adherence of gaming technology to jurisdictional regulations and technical standards through the analysis of source code and through mathematical analysis. The Computer Scientist is required to achieve an advanced knowledge of testing procedures, technical gaming standards, various gaming platforms, and BMM policies and procedures.

Specific Accountabilities

Working as a member of a team the computer scientist will:

  1. Evaluate the written rules and specifications of an electronic gaming machines, casino table games, internet casino games and lotteries.
  2. Evaluate and verify the mathematical model of electronic gaming machines, casino table games, internet casino games and lotteries through statistical analysis or simulation.
  3. Adapt in-house programs or develop new algorithms to model gambling game mathematics.
  4. Perform source code analyses to ensure compliance with jurisdictional requirements.
  5. Perform source code analyses to assist in the development of testing scope.
  6. Perform statistical analyses on gambling game mathematical models.
  7. Perform analyses on random number generators to ensure statistical suitability and compliance.


  • Customer Focus
    • Seeks to understand the needs and wants of customers.
    • Offers advice, and/or services to meet customer requirements, within role context.
    • Addresses more complex queries and concerns of the customer, regulators and other stakeholders in a manner that satisfies the customers’ expectations, wherever possible.
  • Self-Management and Learning
    • Keeps patient and motivated, even when difficulties occur.
    • Maintains a consistent approach to work and interactions with others.
    • Willing to undertake training to enhance contribution.  Sets clear personal and direct report learning goals.
    • Seeks to learn all that is required to meet and exceed current work responsibilities and coach other members of the team
  • Communication
    • Communicates clearly and concisely in both written and verbal form to perform their responsibilities.
    • Actively listens to others and seeks clarification to promote understanding.
    • Offers support to the team when interaction with customers, regulators and others becomes challenging.
    • Translates complex technical information into a form that can be understood and embraced by consultants, customers and regulators
  • Result Focus
    • Takes responsibility for achieving results within own level of authority.
    • Demonstrates persistence in achieving required outcome.
    • Involves team members in addressing difficult technical and regulatory issues
    • Completes work tasks conscientiously and with best use of resources.  Persists to ensure successful task completion.
    • Achieves KPI results (see below)

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Delivers very high quality as measured by number of defects.
  2. Projects delivered on-time and on-budget.
  3. Achievement of Individual Personal Improvement Plan.
  4. Accurate Time slips – submitted daily, correct project numbers, client, activity & description.

BMM Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Our Responsible Testing of Gaming Products Protect the Public and the Industry.

Mission: Our Responsible Testing of Gaming Products Achieve Zero Defects.


    • Care for all stakeholders (employees, customers, industry, suppliers)
    • Collaboration with all stakeholders
    • Integrity as the foundation of all Intentions and Interactions
    • Quality as the DNA of our offerings
    • Productivity as the result of Commitment and Competence
    • Innovation as the Objective of Excellence


  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Extensive on-the-job training
  • Competitive benefits package