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Date Posted: Jun 30, 2022
Job Description:

Position reports to Group CAO


  • To support regional and group business, financial and management reporting requirements.
  • To meet all corporate reporting requirements and timelines.
  • Provide financial planning and analysis reporting to the regional executive team.
  • Support the annual planning process.
  • Ensure that all financial and management reporting is in accordance with GAAP and/or IFRS.
  • Lead the annual audit process for the region.
  • Ensure that all tax and regulatory payments are in accordance with local business requirements.
  • Ensure that each region’s credit and collection policies are followed.
  • Ensure that all payroll processing is properly handled.
  • Ensure that internal controls are strong.


Financial Accounting
  • Maintain the company’s financial accounting systems.
  • Supervise expense processing and accounts payable.
  • Maintain the company’s fixed assets register, controls over fixed assets and the correct calculation of depreciation.
  • Supervise the petty cash and employee expense reimbursement functions.
  • Ensure that costs incurred by the company on behalf of overseas subsidiaries are properly accounted for.
  • Assist in the preparation of the company’s statutory accounts.
  • Prepare reconciliations of all balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis and resolve reconciling items promptly. Place on shared drive for review with Group CAO.
Management Reporting
  • Preparation of accurate monthly financial reports (profit & loss account, balance sheet and cash flow versus budget and prior year) by the seventh working day for each individual entity
  • Multi-currency consolidation reporting at the regional level
  • Analyse and report all significant variances to budget to Group CAO.
  • Complete the financial KPI’s as prescribed
Financial Planning
  • Assist the Finance Team in the preparation of the annual budget (profit & loss account, balance sheet and cash flow).
Credit Management
  • Ensure accounts receivable are collected within terms and identify potential write offs and bad debts expeditiously.
Accounts Receivable
  • Close supervision of the AR function
  • Supervision and assistance during the +3 invoicing monthly process
  • Build relationship with customers finance departments and liaison
  • Weekly analysis and reporting of aged trial balance to Group CAO
Accounts Payable
  • Close supervision of the AP function through daily communication and reporting
  • Review and approval of suppliers’ invoices and correct coding
  • Analysis of AP reports and subsequent cross check to cash flow and funds release
  • Weekly analysis and reporting of aged trial balance to Group CAO
  • Ensure monthly payroll records and reports are accurate and current for third party processing and maintenance.
  • Ensure that all group tax, payroll tax and superannuation obligations are properly discharged.
  • Calculate annual leave and long service leave liabilities on a monthly basis and incorporate adjustments in the management accounts.
  • Ensure that payroll records are kept confidential and secure.
  • Maintain, control, forecast and report to Group CAO the current and forward cash positions of regional entities at business unit and consolidated level.
  • Weekly analysis and cross check to AP and control of subsequent release of funds
  • Build and maintain an effective relationship with regional bankers.
  • Ensure that foreign currency transactions and accounts are accounted for correctly.
Compliance & Risk Management
  • Completion or tax reporting requirements
  • Ensure compliance with Goods & Services Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Income Tax and Workers’ Compensation regulations.
Commercial Support
  • Establish performance reporting by customer and by consultant.
  • Manage all matters relating to the company’s properties, utilities and services.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Monthly management accounts (Red and Blue Books) completed by the seventh working day.
  2. No material adjustments to prior months management results.
  3. No penalties incurred.

To ensure adequate financial controls over the company’s operations and assets, compliance with financial and taxation regulations and accurate and timely management reporting.

Financial Controller

  • Gaming Company – may require probity investigation & licensing
  • Covering international business entities
  • Based in Las Vegas, Nevada


  • To provide business partner support to the Group CEO, Group Finance, the Regional Executives-in-charge and the Senior Executive group.
  • To provide business entity financial reporting (internal and external) and to support group consolidation reporting.
  • To ensure that financial controls over the company’s operations and assets comply with financial and taxation regulations along with specific international countries and any Gaming jurisdiction licensor conditions.
  • To ensure financial accounting and management reporting are in accordance with GAAP, IFRS and company policy.
  • To provide policy development as appropriate to enhance corporate management, operations, risk mitigation, good governance and the ability to contribute within the senior executive team.


  • University graduated or above, majored in Finance and Management related subjects
  • 10 years of related work experience.
  • CPA or CMA preferred
  • Experience in professional services industry preferred or IT software and services.
  • Experience with IFRS, GAAP and multi-entity, multi-currency consolidations, intercompany transactions
  • Very strong FP&A and Excel skills


  • Base salary is subject to candidate’s qualification and experience