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Video Game Tester – Moncton, Canada

Date Posted: Sep 12, 2022
Location: Moncton, Canada
Job Description:

We are seeking a motivated, talented individual to join BMM Testlabs as a Video Game Tester. As part of our quality assurance team, you will methodically test all aspects of gameplay and hardware compatibility, as well as ensure accurate documentation.

You will approach gameplay from various standpoints, from novice to power-gamer, to stress-test all menus, interactions, and edge case possibilities in order to locate and document bugs or crashes. You will also test for balance, usability, translation accuracy, or other metrics as designated by the design team. Our ideal candidate has experience in programming and game design and possesses excellent problem-solving and observational skills.

Specific responsibilities of this position include:

  • Test all aspects of gameplay for potential bugs and crashes
  • Approach gameplay from various gamer profiles and perspectives to help fine-tune balance and usability
  • Note issues with game balance, translation errors, and documentation
  • Note issues across various hardware platforms and devices

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, game design, or a relevant field preferred
  • Prior experience in a software QA environment
  • Strong familiarity with video game design concepts and hardware
  • Comprehensive knowledge of video game trends, genres, and industry