sports betting

The recent success to end the federal ban on sports betting has opened new markets in The US.

BMM has certified some of the largest sports book platforms globally and has many of the world’s leading sports betting professionals on staff. BMM has a dedicated team of experts and consultants to design the methods, tests and specific checklists to ensure the accuracy and quality of our services is world-class.

BMM’s expertise ranges from sports betting and systems to daily fantasy sports and mobile wagering. We have been chosen by the majority of sports systems providers to test for regulatory compliance in North America.

Sportsbook Testing Summaryr more

Front-end Functional Testing

Placing a bet (How players can place, possible 3-ways)

Redeeming wagers

  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
    • In-person at a POS location
  • Mobile
    • KYC
    • Geo-Location
    • VPN
  • Desktop
    • KYC
    • Geo-Location
    • VPN
  • Gameplay
    • Verifying the game from start to finish
  • User-Interface
    • The testing of each application along the way from player UI
  • Player fairness


  • Bet verification
    • Verifying purchased tickets match in the system
  • Report/Audit
    • Logs
    • Revenue report verification (1-3 day audit)
  • User-Interface
    • Admin interface to ensure system meets requirements
  • Security
    • User verification
      • Passwords
    • Authenticity
  • Canceled bets
    • Verify canceled bets

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