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BMM International announced today that its Australia Asia-Pacific (APAC) regional businesses, led by BMM Australia, has achieved significant growth targets in 2011.

“This is a particularly impressive performance by the Australian, Macau & Singapore teams because our standards and targets are so high, even after many consecutive years of growth,” said Martin Storm, President & CEO of BMM International. “Importantly, we invested in resources and infrastructure to service more regulators, manufacturers and certify more products in 2012.”

Kirk White, Executive Vice President Operations, Australia Asia-Pacific said “Over the past 12 months we have grown our client base significantly in addition to strengthening our regulatory relationships within the Australian and Asia-Pacific regulated gaming markets.
Our business growth in Australia, and more recently throughout Asia, has been very satisfying and we expect this to continue throughout 2012 given our strong investments in people.”

White added “For BMM its all about meeting our goals in quality, performance, transparency and continuing our commitment to the integrity of the gaming industry.” In 2011 White introduced BMM’s Technical Engineer Training Program to the APAC region. This program enables skilled testers to support critical projects as well as adding qualified resources to new and ongoing projects. White says “This program is a key factor as to why BMM can absorb additional testing activities from our clients while still meeting our goals and supporting the product time-to-market requirements of our clients”.

Kirk White is a 16 year veteran of BMM and was promoted by Storm to Senior Vice President, Operations in Australia Asia-Pacific in July 2010. White began his BMM career in Engineering and working his way up through various development and management roles.

Martin Storm said, “BMM is a talent development and leadership lab, as well as a gaming lab. I am very pleased with Kirk’s performance and development in his role leading the Australian Asia-Pacific businesses and his team. The results speak for themselves.”