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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce approval of its Singapore license by the Casino Regulatory Authority in Singapore.

Although BMM has been licensed with the Singapore CRA for some time under STRL (Singapore Recognized Testing Laboratory), the CRA recently updated the requirements for testlab licenses to ATSP (Approved Testing Service Provider), requiring BMM to be newly certified.

Kirk White, BMM’s Australia Asia-Pacific Executive Vice President & General Manager commented on the new license “We are very pleased to receive the ATSP license from Singapore, as demand for BMM’s services in the Asia-Pacific region continue to grow.”

White continues “BMM Testlabs deliver the highest quality testing services available in the gaming industry today and the quality of work coming from our Singapore testlab is no exception. BMM is gearing up for an increased testing demand for online, training and operator services and an increasing number of regulated gaming jurisdictions around Asia.”

White concluded “We would like to thank all the staff at the Singapore CRA for their assistance and diligence throughout the licensing process.”

The ATSP license is valid for a four-year period and allows BMM to provide Testing and Certification services in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and North America.