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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce it has successfully relocated its Austrian Testing Laboratory to Vienna.

Kirk White, Executive Vice President & General Manager, stated “BMM is very pleased with our Test Lab relocation from Graz to Vienna and the opportunities we now have to grow our business. The combination of BMM’s global Technical Services initiatives, excellent technical staff and the increased lab space has enhanced our capabilities for supporting both existing and new customers. White went on to say “It was great to be able to relocate some of our best senior staff to Vienna, but it’s also exciting that we have been able to recruit a number of local technical staff, with more coming in the next several months.”

White further added, “Our Vienna Lab is now receiving the benefit of BMM’s new ‘International Resource Program’ where BMM is relocating experienced internationally skilled testers to Vienna on a full and part-time basis. This ensures that we have both local European knowledge onsite, as well as extensive experience in testing for global gaming markets outside of Europe, including the Americas and Asia Pacific.”

Alex Haberl, Director Business Development Europe, commented “BMM is committed to the European gambling market as customers continue to seek our testing services for compliance, pre-compliance and QA testing, as well as our product technical consulting services. BMM is experienced in tailoring testing strategies and solutions to meet our customers overall testing requirements. As such, BMM is setting a higher customer engagement and service delivery standard for testing laboratories around Europe.”

BMM’s continued growth in Europe is a direct result of the increased demand for services coming from both terrestrial and online gambling companies as they realize the additional business benefits BMM is providing to customers locally and around the world.