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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce that it has been approved by the New York State Gaming Commission to perform independent testing for the commercial and video lottery gaming facilities. BMM is approved to conduct inspection and certification for the following categories:

  1. Games and game variations;
  2. Gaming devices and gaming device modifications;
  3. Gaming associated equipment and gaming associated equipment modifications;
  4. Cashless wagering systems and cashless wagering system modifications;
  5. Inter-casino linked systems and inter-casino linked system modifications;
  6. Mobile gaming systems and mobile gaming system modifications; and
  7. Interactive gaming systems and interactive gaming system modifications.

Travis Foley, EVP Operations, BMM Testlabs – Americas, commented, “BMM is very pleased to have received this approval and would like to thank the New York State Gaming Commission for their effort and diligence throughout the process.”

Foley added, “We are looking forward to providing BMM´s high level of technical expertise, training and customer service to manufacturers, operators and regulators throughout New York.”