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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce it has been voted “The Best Certification Laboratory and Inspections Laboratory” by the Romanian Gambling Industry for 2020. 
Vlad Dicu, Commercial Director, BMM Testlabs Romania, commented, “This prestigious recognition marks the third year in a row that BMM has been recognized at the Annual Casino Life and Business Magazine Gala.  This award acknowledges our unrelenting commitment to providing the highest quality certification, inspection, and audit services in the Romanian market.”
BMM’s commitment to customer service excellence and efficient testing methodologies have always been a top priority, and this award only solidifies BMM’s position as the global independent test lab leader. BMM is uniquely positioned to continue its tremendous growth trajectory well into 2021.
Vlad continued, “As the gaming industry begins to bounce back, we are encouraged by the resilience and tenacity that BMM’s global team has shown. This award is a testament to our hard work and efforts to remain the global gaming industry leader. We are optimistic about the future and are anticipating that 2021 will be BMM’s best year yet!”