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Company to provide its full suite of gaming product testing and certification services to support Brazil’s newly established national regulatory framework, positioning the Company to serve one of the world’s largest regulated gaming markets 

LAS VEGAS, April 17, 2024 – BMM Testlabs (“BMM” or the “Company”) today announced that the Company has been approved by Brazil’s Secretária de Prêmios e Apostas Substituta do Ministério da Fazenda to test and certify betting systems, live gaming studios, and online games for the country’s fixed-odd betting lottery operators.

This landmark approval reinforces BMM’s capabilities to test and certify any gaming product, for every technical standard adopted by any gaming regulator, in Latin America and every other regulated gaming market around the world.

BMM’s President of Digital Gaming, Security, and Inspections, Marzia Turrini said, “We are honored to have received our federal license from the the Secretária de Prêmios e Apostas Substituta do Ministério da Fazenda. This milestone reflects our commitment to serving suppliers and Brazilian operators by providing the highest level of testing services and support to ensure that Brazil’s newly regulated gaming market is launched quickly and successfully, with a focus on integrity and protecting the gaming industry and all who play.”

In addition to this federal accreditation, BMM has already been authorized to perform compliance testing and certification in the three Brazilian states that have recently regulated iGaming and sports betting — Rio de Janeiro, Paraiba, and Paraná. These three states are all in the process of granting operators’ licenses, which will allow operators to provide fixed-odds sports betting, casino games, and games of skill.

As part of its commitment to the Brazilian market, BMM is establishing a local laboratory from which the Company will provide its full suite of compliance services and solutions, including pre-compliance testing, customized security audits, geolocation testing, and software quality assurance (“SQA”).

This exciting milestone is the result of BMM’s exceptional service to the global gaming industry, its commitment to the Latin American market for more than 16 years, and the strong partnerships it has forged with regulators throughout the region. BMM is a trusted independent testing laboratory for compliance services throughout Latin America, with offices in Argentina, Peru, and soon Brazil. The Company’s unparalleled understanding of the region’s technical compliance requirements, its high-quality product testing, and dedicated local customer support services ensure client confidence in their choice of a testing laboratory.

Turrini expressed enthusiasm for the momentum in Brazil, saying, “We look forward to partnering with operators and suppliers to provide our best-in-class compliance and certification services, with a focus on quality, speed, value, and player protection. We will offer our extensive expertise to suppliers seeking more than just a certification provider; BMM will be a trusted partner to help suppliers enter this expansive new market in Brazil, which is the largest country in Latin America, the tenth largest economy in the world, and could become one of the largest gaming markets on the globe.”