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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce today that Travis Foley Executive Vice President, North America, has expanded his role to Chief Operations Officer, BMM International. Foley has been at BMM Testlabs since 2011, following a 13-year career at the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) as Technology Chief for the NGCB lab.

Martin Storm, President & CEO BMM International commented “I am very pleased to expand Travis Foley’s leadership role at BMM. Travis has been an important and influential leader in BMM for the past seven years. The accelerating growth of our business, particularly in North America, demands that we continue to service customers at the highest quality, worldwide. Travis will be key to BMM’s commitment to continuous improvement. I look forward to working closely with Travis as he progresses in this important role.”

Foley added, “This is a great opportunity for me to take leadership of BMM’s global services and achieve BMM’s business objectives. We have a great team of regional executives and senior managers with whom I look forward to supporting and working collaboratively with to continue our global growth.”

Storm concluded, “Travis brings many years of experience working with gaming manufacturers and government to accomplish great outcomes. This is a very significant promotion and comes with great responsibility. I am very proud to have Travis as a part of the BMM executive team. Combining Travis’ experience with our global senior executives, BMM has established the most experienced leadership team in the world.”

Travis Foley, COO, BMM International can be contacted at or at the BMM Las Vegas Headquarters on 702 407 2420.